General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1 Conclusion of contract

1.1 Validity of the General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all contracts between Tanja Riedeberger – Body & Mind and its customers, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases.
“Tanja Riedeberger – Body & Mind” refers to the owner Tanja Riedeberger.
Customers are all those persons who acquire or have acquired from Tanja Riedeberger the right to use the course offer in terms of clause 2.

1.2 Conclusion of contract and booking

Contracts between Tanja Riedeberger and the customers are concluded by offer and acceptance in the sense of §§ 145 ff. BGB (German Civil Code). The registration or booking of courses or other services offered by Tanja Riedeberger represents a binding offer of the customer to conclude a corresponding contract in the sense of § 145 BGB, whereby the registration/booking can be made by e-mail, telephone and via the online booking system Eversports. Acceptance by Tanja Riedeberger is effected by sending a registration or payment confirmation by e-mail and, if applicable, by Eversports.
Participation in booked courses or services is excluded before payment of the full invoice amount, unless otherwise agreed. The commitment for a place in a course or similar. Offer becomes binding only when the respective fees are paid in full.

2 Course Offer

2.1 Extent and Execution of the Course Offer

Tanja Riedeberger offers online courses for Holistic Training, Dance fitness and mental health. The online and livestream courses are broadcast via the streaming provider YouTube.

2.2 Changes of the course offer, illness, vacation & public vacations, summer break

The course times of Tanja Riedeberger are published on the website and and updated continuously.
Tanja Riedeberger reserves the right to make necessary changes regarding the course offer. Corresponding changes will be announced via the website as well as in the social media.

If the minimum number of participants (3 people) is not reached and in case of illness of the trainer, Tanja Riedeberger reserves the right to cancel the livestream. Affected customers will be informed about the non-implementation by phone, if necessary by WhatsApp or email. For customers with already booked single or 10-ticket, the owner offers a replacement booking for an appropriate alternative at the next possible time. Alternatively, the contents of the video library can also be accessed. Fees already paid will be charged for a replacement booking. If an alternative date is not requested by the customers concerned, the fees paid will be refunded.

If the trainer is on vacation (max. 30 course days per year), reference is made to the extensive online course program in the video library.

During the summer months (July and August), a reduced livestream class schedule will take place and the WE LOVE DANCE livestream will be paused. Please refer to the extensive collection in the video library. After consultation with the owner, the WE LOVE DANCE Membership can be paused exclusively for this period. In this case, the duration of the Membership will be extended by the paused 2 months.

There are no courses on public (German) holidays.


2.3 Single tickets, 10-tickets and memberships

Tanja Riedeberger offers one-way tickets, 10-tickets and memberships for the booking of the offered courses, which entitle to participation.
Single Tickets, 10s Tickets and Memberships are personalized, valid for one person and not transferable to third parties.

3 Prices, Terms of Payment, Validity, Duration

3.1 Price list

Participation prices and fees as well as information and details regarding the booking of the Course Offer are set forth in the respective current price list of Tanja Riedeberger, which is available on the Website.

3.2 Due Date of Fees

The agreed participation fee is due immediately with the conclusion of the contract, i.e. with the booking and registration of the participant. The first payment date of your membership is the registration or purchase date. After that, payments will be made every 1 month(s).

3.3 Payment

The payment of the invoiced participation fees can be made by bank transfer to the account of Tanja Riedeberger indicated in the invoice. In case of an online booking via Eversports, payment is possible via online payment systems or by credit card.

3.4 Validity of the tickets

The validity of the 10-tickets is 1 year from the 1st participation. With an expired ticket, participation in the course offer is no longer possible. A refund of the purchase price is excluded.

3.5 Duration of the Memberships

The contract period of the Memberships is 6 months from the date of registration and is automatically extended by 1 further month if the Membership is not cancelled up to 1 month before the expiry of the contract period. After consultation with the owner, only the WE LOVE DANCE Membership can be shut down for the period of the summer break (July/August). In this case, the duration of the Membership will be extended by the paused 2 months.

4 Cancellation, non-participation, termination, refund

4.1 Cancellation

Cancellation of booked courses can be made by e-mail, telephone, as well as via the online booking system Eversports (
For all booked courses, a cancellation deadline of 24 hours before the start applies. In this case, the units will be booked back or there is a right to a refund of the participation fee. Cancellation after the regular cancellation deadline is considered a late cancellation and the units will be charged normally. A claim for refund of the participation fee is excluded.

4.2 Drop-out, missing, non-participation

In case of drop-out, failure or non-participation of the participant in already booked courses, a claim for refund of the units or the participation fee is excluded.

4.3 Termination of Membership

The contract period of the Memberships is 6 months from the date of registration and is automatically extended by 1 additional month if the Membership is not cancelled 1 month before expiration. If you buy your Membership online, you can cancel it online in the Eversports Membership details. If you purchase the Membership directly from Tanja Riedeberger, the cancellation must be submitted in writing to Tanja Riedeberger within the cancellation period.

4.4 Refund of Tickets

The refund of a valid ticket is excluded. In case of severe health restrictions the purchase price or the remaining units can be refunded by Tanja Riedeberger upon presentation of a medical certificate.

5 Liability and Health

5.1 Liability for damages

Tanja Riedeberger is only liable for damages if the damage is due to gross negligence or intent.

5.2 Liability for data transmission

Tanja Riedeberger has no influence on the transport of data via internet, therefore Tanja Riedeberger cannot take over any liability for errors in data transmission.

5.3 Availability on the Internet

Tanja Riedeberger strives for an availability of her service over the Internet as far as possible, however, for technical reasons no constant perfect availability can be guaranteed. Service interruptions are possible. Accordingly, no liability can be assumed for damages resulting from temporary unavailability or limited availability. Tanja Riedeberger assumes at least 99% availability of her service in the annual average. Excluded from this are times, in which the web server is not attainable due to technical or other problems, which do not lie in the sphere of influence of Tanja Riedeberger (higher force, being to blame for third etc.) over Internet.

5.4 Liability for attendance courses

With participation in the presence course each participant carries the full responsibility for its own acting, both during the courses, and outside of the courses. Tanja Riedeberger does not assume any liability in case of accidents, injuries or theft. Each participant is responsible for any damage caused by him to the property of other course participants and for damage to the inventory of the course room.

5.5 General health of the participants

Participation in the course offer should only take place if the participants are in full health. In its own interest, the owner recommends its participants to discuss their intention to participate – especially in case of special health problems, physical infirmities, previous surgeries, problems during pregnancy, etc. – with a doctor before participating in courses and, upon registration as well as in case of participation in a course, to inform the instructor about existing health restrictions before the beginning of the course. The exercises do not replace medical examination or treatment.

6 Copyright

6.1 Copyright and rights of use

It is pointed out that the copyright or the exclusive rights of use of all publications or documents accompanying the course belong to Tanja Riedeberger and their duplication and further use of any kind are expressly prohibited. Saving, publishing and copying of the broadcast livestream or the online classes.

6.2 Photo and film recordings

The course participants give their consent that photographs or film recordings made during the courses may be used in audiovisual or print media without remuneration and without any time or space restrictions.

7 Data Protection

The owner collects, transmits, processes and stores the respective personal data, as far as and as long as this is necessary for the justification, execution and completion of the conclusion of the contract and Tanja Riedeberger is obliged to store these data due to legal regulations.
Exact and current information according to DSGVO of May 25, 2018 can be found under the designated item “Data Protection” on the website

8 Final provisions

8.1 Place of performance

Place of performance for all services is Göttingen.

8.2 Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the business relationship is Göttingen. The right of both parties to assert claims against the contractual partner at its general place of jurisdiction shall remain unaffected.

8.3 Dispute resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution. Disputes may be submitted to the online dispute resolution platform of the European Commission for resolution. Use of the site, which is managed by the European Commission, is free of charge. The platform is available to customers if you have made an online purchase and are located within the EU.

8.4 Law

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).